How long do eyelash extensions last?


Each hair follicle lives in a cycle consisting of a long period of growth followed by a relatively short period of rest. During the rest period, the hair is still attached to the hair follicle, but it is not growing.


After the resting phase, the hair is shed and a newer hair begins to grow, thus, starting a new hair growth cycle.


The growth cycle consists of three stages:


* Anagen (growing) stage

* Catagen (resting) stage

* Telogen (resting/shedding) stage


When applied, eyelash extensions are placed on lashes in the catagen stage.  

Do I need to take a break from my extensions? 

Not at all. If extensions are placed correctly and separately without being stuck together, and are not too heavy or thick, then you will never need to have a break, so the good thing is you can have full beautiful lashes infilled again and again and again.  

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