Eyelash Extensions FAQ's

How long does it take? 

The treatment time will depend on the look you like to go for. Full sets can take up to an hour and a half, and infills up to an hour. However, this can vary between each client. 

Why do I need infills? 

Eyelashes are great for a one-off special occasion or holiday, however infills help keep your lashes looking full all the time and great for everyday use. Due to the natural lash cycle, infills must be done within 3 weeks of the original appointment and it is important that clients show up with at least 40-50% extensions left.  

Can I wear make up? 

Make up in general can be applied however mascara and liquid eyeliner should be avoided. This can clump the lashes together and is also very difficult to remove, causing you to rub your eyes whilst removing it which will cause the extensions to fall off, or due to not removing it thoroughly, can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to eye infections. All make up must be removed using an oil free make up remover.  

Will they pull out my natural lashes? 

Not at all. I only use high quality products and all lashes are separate and individual. I will never use extensions that are too heavy or thick for your natural lashes therefore they will never damage or cause your lashes to fall out. It is also important you do not pick or pull at your extensions either as this can cause you to pull out premature lashes. 

How do I know which set is right for me? 

Before the treatment, I will ask my clients what sort of look they like to go for, whether this be natural, full, long, short or curled.  

Russian Volume


Russian volume; 3-6D are applied using 3-6 extensions on one natural lash using super fine, lightweight lashes, this is a great choice for anyone wanting a much fuller, dramatic look however these are also great for everyday wear.

Classics: are individual 1:1 extension to one natural lash and these are great for an everyday natural look.

Please note that each set of lashes is unique for each client and the finished look will depend on your own natural lashes.  

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